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1 using the map 1 below sketch in each of the

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Unformatted text preview: ow- up questions. I will read each follow- up question and the first team to raise their hand and correctly answer the question will steal one item of candy from the team that won the map round (candy cannot be eaten until after each map & follow- up question round). 1. Using the map 1 below, sketch in each of the following landmarks. Label the area with (a), (b), … , and so on. a. Mississippi River b. Missouri River c. Ohio River d. Hudson River e. Erie Canal 2. Follow- up questions a. Which year did the Erie Canal officially open? October 26, 1825 b. Which two cities does the Erie Canal run between? Buffalo and Albany c. What effect did the Erie Canal have on household production in New York State? It led to more specialization in hous...
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