final draft group project

final draft group project - Group 5 Vikram Srinivasan...

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Group 5- Vikram Srinivasan, Johanna Nahrwold, Ryan Berezansky, Ayushi Amin and Cecile Coleman Professor Berry Section AP 2/26/13 Connections between John Krakauer’s “Into the Wild” and Leila Amhed’s “On Becoming an Arab” Summary-Into the Wild Chris McCandless embarks on his journey to Alaska. He starts by trying to hitch hike his way all the way to the Fairbanks, Alaska. He accomplishes this by finding truck drivers who are traveling up there. His journey starts out in Carthage, South Dakota. He meets a man named Stuckey who is willing to take him from the start of the Alaskan highway to half way up to Fairbanks. This changes when Stuckey enjoys Chris’ company and he drives him all the way to Fairbanks. When he gets to Alaska the first thing he does is go to the local university and looks at books pertaining to indigenous plants. He reads about the food he can gather. He also goes to the local store and buys ammunition for the gun, a ten-pound bag of rice, and a gun so he can hunt. Chris then sets out on his journey into the Alaskan wilderness. He now lives in the wilderness trying to survive with bare necessities. He finds an old bus and uses that as a shelter. While living in the wild he experiences a lot of hunting. On day he kills a moose, which ended
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final draft group project - Group 5 Vikram Srinivasan...

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