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Pol Sci Final Qs - 3) Relate the "doctrine of...

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3) Relate the “doctrine of ideas” and the story of the “cave” to the “third wave argument.” What are the “literary elements” or devices in the Republic that were discussed in class? Illustrate the use of one or more of these elements in the development of the “city in speech.” What does the “city in speech” really have to do with justice? The doctrine of ideas distinguishes true knowledge from mere opinion. The idea is an ideal which must be real and have an existence, independent of some thought. This highest rule or Truth is the object of genuine knowledge, different from mere opinion in regard to the world which is changing, fleeting, transient, mere appearance. Socrates makes the differentiation here between what is being (truth) and what is becoming (opinion). Something that is in being has never been out of the realm of being; it is constant and only things that are in this realm can truly be known. This is where the third wave of argument and the story of the cave come to be important. The only people that can genuinely know this realm of being are the lovers of the truth. These truth lovers are most fit to rule; who Socrates really thinks are most fit to rule the city in speech. This city in speech is the best form of government possible but cannot truly ever exist in deed as it does in speech. Those most fit to rule are the “philosopher kings”: the GOLD class. They are reluctant to rule but true philosophers can understand the realm of being. In the
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Pol Sci Final Qs - 3) Relate the "doctrine of...

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