MEDIA ESSAY - Professor Shary Freshman Composition 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Professor Shary Freshman Composition 1 10/15/07 Is the Term Free Press An Oxymoron? On October 3, 2007 a Superior Court decision in Massachusetts ruled in favor of an injunction against a local news station that wanted to release information from autopsy reports of two deceased firefighters. This court ruling is an obvious prior restraint on free speech and an example of how authoritative figures try to impede upon the peoples First Amendment. The media has a huge influence over the public and has the responsibility of educating the public without any bias, but in the 21 st century in a world fueled by profit, the media is inherently biased. It is hard to find an objective media outlet with no agenda. The news is filtered by sponsorship and the government. From big corporations to the government, people in power spread their beliefs and ideals through the media. There are only five corporations that own the mass media industry in the United States. These five corporations have bought up radio and television stations as well as newspapers and have connected them all together. It is normal for all large businesses to make serious efforts to influence the newsNow they own most of the news media...
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MEDIA ESSAY - Professor Shary Freshman Composition 1...

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