A hedgehog b bmp c wnt d steroid hormone e none of the

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Unformatted text preview: t type of signal? a. Hedgehog b. BMP c. Wnt d. Steroid hormone e. None of the above Zoo 470 Quiz 2 2013 - Page 2 6. Which of the following is NOT usually true for growth factors? a. They act at short range b. Different cells respond differently to the same growth factor c. They can stimulate differentiation d. They are carried long distances in the bloodstream e. They are proteins 7. BMPs and other TGF-β family growth factors function by activating which of the following? a. Ras b. Smads c. Tcf/Lef proteins d. β-catenin e. None of the above 8. Which organelle serves as a main storage site for calcium ions? a. Lysosomes b. Ribosomes c. Phagosomes d. Apoptosomes e. Endoplasmic reticulum...
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