intro to uropean hist1848 revs notes

intro to uropean hist1848 revs notes - bismark won the war...

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Was the rcolutions of 1848 a turingin point htat didn not turn Include historical eveidence Events in 1948 discuss how it was supposed to be a turing poin before the recolution became one ten years after the revolution little had changed in the face of erpome this is why they were a failer sperber and degroat germany italy france Austria germany in 1848 an all franfurt meetig assembly was created n germany -created a solutin in which klenduetchland would reign Fredrick of Prussia would be the king -the crown was given to Fredrick he refusted it after the rufasal there was a lot more outrage though out thec ontry side poepl really wanted unification recolt and popular upheaceal were thorught the country In 1848 the german liberals were defeated -this turning point never turned it was not until later in 1860’s that this it bame back
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Unformatted text preview: bismark won the war and unified germany Sperber National unity was not centered with war fare It was peaceful and in a parlamntary fashion Called for german national assemblye hich Fredrick gave The checks who would have been about gross duetehland This lack of support is what drew Fredrick away from the idea The state of germany retured back to its original state fallowing 1948 no major change occurred in the government The was never the so called turning point-germany could have been unified but it never happened Italy- 1848 Charles albert hoped for the rebellion to occur but the uprising failed because there was to much military ivolvement Not until the 1960’s did carver actually make leeds into unifying italy Revolution here did not turn either...
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intro to uropean hist1848 revs notes - bismark won the war...

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