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Exam III Study Guide Chapter 6 Learning What is learning? “the process through which experience modifies pre-existing behavior and understanding” Forward (CS precedes UCS), Backward (CS follows UCS), Simultaneous Conditioning (CS and UCS are presented at the same time Stimulus Generalization (stimuli that are similar but not identical to the conditioned stimulus but also elicit a response) and Stimulus Discrimination (an organism learns to differentiate among similar stimuli) Be able to identify parts of a classical conditioning scenarios o UCS (unconditioned stimulus), UCR (unconditioned response), NS (neutral stimulus), CS (conditioned stimulus), CR (conditioned response) o Understand classical conditioning across various types of situations Systematic Desensitization (1. extinction of classically conditioned fear responses through harmless exposure to the feared stimulus. 2. Classical conditioning of a new response, such as relaxation, to feared stimulus) Edward Thorndike – Puzzle box, Law of Effect (if a response made in the presence of a particular stimulus is followed by satisfaction, that response is more likely to be made the next time), Instrumental Conditioning (process in which responses are learned that produce a rewarding effect) Operant Conditioning Process, What is an operant? (response that has some effect on the world) o Differentiate between positive reinforcement (added stimulus that strengthens the response if it follows that response) and negative reinforcement (removal of unpleasant stimuli, such as pain) o Differentiate between positive and negative punishment
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Exam_III_Review_Guide - Exam III Study Guide Chapter 6...

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