19 and general accounting plan 1982 15 commercial

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Unformatted text preview: ot;Fixed assets other than (1) Concessions; tangible or financial" 16 (2) Operating licenses; (3) Industrial property and similar rights, and licenses under such rights; (4) Goodwill; (5) Prepayments on the acquisition of such intangibles. 10 The Austrian Commercial Code (“ACC”), § 197. Royal Decree (RD), October 8, 1976. 12 Accounts Presentation Act, sections 16, 17, 27-30, 36 and 42. 13 Accounting Act, Chapter 3; Accounting Ordinance; Companies Act, Chapter 11. 14 Commercial Code (article D. 19) and General Accounting Plan (1982) 15 Commercial Code, §§. 248, 253 and 255. 16 Stolowy and Haller (1996). 11 18 Greece17 Ireland 18 Intangible fixed assets are: (1) Costs of research and development; (2) Concessions, patents, trade marks and similar rights and assets; (1) Goodwill, to the extent that it was acquired for valuable consideration; (2) Formation expenses. Assets of this type are generally characterized by a lack of physical content and the attachment of legal rights. They are non-monetary in nature. Italy19 Luxembourg20 Netherlands 21 Portugal Spain 22 In order to be included in the...
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