78 of entities 18 out of 23 can recognize internally

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Unformatted text preview: tion (or separability), nor regarding valuation. 10 However, this is not true for the recognition of internally generated intangibles. In Germany and Austria, if intangibles have been internally generated, under no circumstances can an enterprise recognize them as assets. The general trend in recognition of internally generated intangibles is as follows: - 65% of entities (15 out of 23) do not recognize internally generated goodwill. 78% of entities (18 out of 23) can recognize internally generated intangible assets, subject to certain conditions. 70% of entities (16 out of 23) can recognize research and development costs borne by the enterprise, subject to certain conditions. These conditions are in fact what we call the recognition criteria. It is not possible to conclude from the above table whether Mueller’ models are valid for s recognition criteria; there does not appear to be any notable difference between the criteria in the Anglo-Saxon model countries and the Continental model countries...
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