A full scale revamping of the financial reporting

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Unformatted text preview: ecific accounting laws and chapters in laws for different corporate forms (the most important being Companies Acts). A specific feature of Scandinavian accounting legislation is the reference to “good 32 accounting practice”. By using this concept the legislator leaves preparers with a comparatively important role in the development of accounting. Spain It is necessary to distinguish clearly between two periods, before and after the adoption of the European accounting directives. The old accounting system was mainly based on conservatism, which results from the concern for the protection of creditors, and the interaction of taxation rules with accounting rules. A full-scale revamping of the financial reporting system followed membership of the European Union, with new statutes, a new accounting plan and extensive reform of audit. However, as far as the accounting system is concerned, prudence is still the overriding principle. The creation in 1973 of the accounting plan and in 1979 of a professional body, Asociacion Espanola de Contabilitad y Administracion de...
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