As lacroix 1996 suggests it can be supposed that

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Unformatted text preview: rding the concept of intangibility: this consensus would encompass and go beyond the partial solutions recommended for treatment of research and development costs or software expenses”. As Lacroix (1996) suggests, it can be supposed that these fragmented approaches encourage the development of more general criteria for recording intangibles. The concept of an intangible asset – fixed assets other than tangible assets and financial assets – does not provide a basis for more in-depth analysis. In the same work, Lacroix identifies generallyused recognition criteria for intangible assets from a study of the specific conditions for recording intangibles in company and consolidated financial statements. For her, the French General Accounting Plan (Plan comptable général) uses one general criterion and other specific criteria for recognition of intangible assets, some of which are criteria for inclusion, while others are criteria for exclusion. We should therefore consider that the “gap...
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