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Campedelli b 1994 ragioneria internazionale g

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Unformatted text preview: edition, 252 pages. Belkaoui A. (1985) International Accounting: Issues & Solutions, Quorum Books, USA, 364 pages. Belkaoui A. (1990) Judgment in International Accounting, Quorum Books, USA, 130 pages. Belkaoui A. (1994) International & Multinational Accounting, The Dryden Press, UK, 502 pages. Bernheim, Y. (1997) L'Essentiel des US GAAP, Mazars & Guerard, France, 320 pages. Blake J. and Amat, O. (1993) European Accounting, Pitman , UK, 237 pages. Blake J. and Hossain M. (1996) Readings in International Accounting, International Thomson Business Press, UK, 397 pages. Brennan, N., O’ Brien, F.J. & Pierce, A. (1992) European Financial Reporting: Ireland, Carnegie international. Campedelli , B. (1994) Ragioneria Internazionale, G. Giappichelli Editore, Italy, 366 pages. Choi F.D.S. and Mueller G.G. (1985) Frontiers of International Accounting: An Anthology, Umi Research Press, USA, 313 pages. Coi F.D.S. and Mueller G.G. (1992) International Accounting, Prentice Hall, USA, 2nd edition, 610 pages. Christiansen, M. & Elling, J.O. (1993) Eu...
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