Costs of the formation of a company may not be

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Unformatted text preview: e individual company on a case by case basis. 17 APPENDIX 1: SUMMARY OF DEFINITIONS OF INTANGIBLE ASSETS Countries and Definition Organizations European Union Austria 10 “Fixed assets other tangible or financial” Belgium 11 Denmark 12 Finland 13 France14 Germany 15 List of intangible assets than (1) Concessions; (2) Operating licenses; (3) Industrial property and similar rights, and licenses under such rights; (4) Goodwill; (5) Prepayments on the acquisition of such intangibles. Costs of the formation of a company may not be capitalized (1) Research and development expenditures; (2) Licenses, patents, know-how, trademarks, franchises, and similar rights; (3) Goodwill; and (4) Advance payments on intangible assets. (1) Purchased goodwill; (2) Research and development costs; (3) Technology based intangibles (patents, trademarks, licenses); (4) Brand names and distribution rights. Establishment expenditures, research and development expenditures, intangible rights, goodwill, other long-term capitalized expenditures and advance pay...
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