Raffournier b 1996 les normes comptables

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Unformatted text preview: unod, France, 307 pages. Ordelheide D. and Pfaff, D. (1994) European Financial Reporting: Germany, Carnegie international. Orsini, L.L., Gould, J.D., Mc Allister, J.P. and Parikh, R.N. (1998), World Accounting, Ed. Matthew Bender, Release N° 16, November. Papas, A. (1993) European Financial Reporting: Greece, Carnegie international. Pham, D; and Collins, L. (1995) Comprendre les états financiers anglo-saxons, Dalloz France, 293 pages. Quesada Sanchez, F., Blanco Gomez, A. and Gonzaled Gimenez, R. (1991) Normativa contable internacional, Ediciones Ciencias Sociales, Spain, 435 pages. Radebaugh, L.H. and Gray, S.J. (1997) International Accounting and Multinational Enterprises, John Wiley & Sons, USA, 3rd edition , , 696 pages. Raffournier B., Haller A and Walton P. (1997), Comptabilité internationale, Vuibert, France, 552 pages. Raffournier, B. (1996) Les normes comptables internationales (I.A.S.), Economica, France, 486 pages. Samuels, J.M. and Piper, A.G. (1985) International Accounting: A survey, Croom Helm, UK, 197 pages. Scheid, J.-C. and Walton, P. (1992) European Financial Reporting: France, Carnegie international. Schweikart, J.M., Gray, S.J. and Roberts, C.B. (editors) (1994) International Accounting - A Case Approach, McGraw-Hill, USA, 587 pages. Stolowy H. and Haller A. (1996) ‘ Accounting for Brands – A Comparison Between IASC, France and Germany’ HEC Research Paper, N° 572/1996, 38 pages. , Thibier...
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