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Unformatted text preview: to see whether their classification of accounting systems also holds good for intangibles. They identify two groups of systems, both represented in our sample: • Model 1, or the Anglo-American model, is investor and creditor-oriented; the financial statements are used as an instrument for economic representation and decision-making. In this model, the substance over form principle takes precedence over the conservatism principle, and taxation has no influence. It is represented in our study by the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada and the USA. • Model 2, or the Continental model, is a system where the conservatism principle takes precedence over substance over form, and taxation has a strong influence. In our sample, this model is represented by the European Union countries (except the Netherlands and the UK), Japan and Norway. Within this model, Scandinavian countries are likely to behave in a similar way; in their accounting systems, neither the conservatism nor the substance over form principle dominates. It is therefore interesting t...
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