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Unformatted text preview: embourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Wishing to extend the study to beyond the EU, in order to throw new light on the issue of accounting for intangibles – a theme which has principally been examined using European examples - we added another group of countries made up of Australia, Canada, Japan, Norway, Switzerland and the USA. These countries were chosen because of their importance, as measured by the frequency with which their accounting standards are quoted in works on international accounting. Finally, we considered it essential to include two international organizations which play a vital role in the move towards harmonization of accounting standards: the IASC and the European Union, based on its 4th and 7th directives. For practical purposes, we separated the sample into three groups: “the European Union”, “Other Countries” and “International Organizations”. Presentation within the groups is by alphabetical order. 2.3 Information gathering Information was g...
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