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Unformatted text preview: of the Civil Code without any substantial changes. The Civil Code was subsequently amended several times to implement EU accounting directives. A unique characteristic of financial reporting regulation in the Netherlands is the existence of a court called the Enterprise Chamber ( Ondernemingskamer). This Chamber was introduced in 1970, together with the WJO. It has exclusive authority over company financial reporting. The Council for Annual Reporting (CAR – Raad voor de Jaarverslaggeving), created in 1981, represents the preparers, the users and the auditors. It issues Guidelines and has also published a Framework (comparable to IASC’ Conceptual Framework). s Scandinavia The Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) are often treated as a group since they share a common history and are culturally close to each other. As far as accounting is concerned, they have many similar attributes. Accounting in Scandinavia is regulated in a number of ways. Since the beginning of the century it has been regulated by law (and ministerial orders), both sp...
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