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midterm review - FIRST HALF Sigmund Freud psychologist who...

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FIRST HALF Sigmund Freud – psychologist who applied a psychoanalytical approach to myth. He has been almost totally discredited. He was revolutionary, however, because he demonstrated that there was more to the person than the outside (the subconscious is very powerful, you just aren’t aware of it). According to Freud… 1. Suppressed childhood wishes surface in dreams. Dreams are how the subconscious talks to the conscious mind. 2. Myths are like dreams – you can’t totally explain them because they use symbolic language to express subconscious desires. 3. The “Id” is the pleasure-seeking part of the person, the “Superego” is the ultimate ideal person, and the “ego” rationalizes between the two. 4. Emphasized childhood development. a. Oral Stage (0-2 yrs) i. Society eventually says that oral pleasure isn’t ok. Dad takes away oral pleasures and is seen as competition. However, the child knows he can’t compete with Dad, so he must suppress this anxiety. b. Anal Stage i. (Same as oral) c. Phallic Stage i. He wants to take over for Dad, but is afraid that Dad will find out and castrate him. ii. The phallus is a source of power and anxiety. Chaos – one of the original gods (“Space”). Asexually produced Erebus (darkness) and Nyx (night). Gaia – one of the original gods (“Mother Earth”). Asexually produces Ouranos (sky) and Pontus (sea). Mates with son Ouranos to produce 12 Titans, 3 Cyclopes, and the Hecatonchires (“hundred-handers”). Tartaros – One of the original gods. Also a place for punishment in the underworld. Eros – One of the original gods (“Sexual Love/Attraction”) Ouranos – (“sky”). Asexually produced by Gaia. Has sex with mother Gaia produces 12 Titans, 3 Cyclopes, and the Hecatonchires (“hundred-handers”). Ouranous hates his children and continually mates with Gaia (earth and sky continually mating). Gaia creates a sickle in her womb and kronos castrates Ouranos while he is inside Gaia. (Theme of Earth and Heaven in a constant embrace. Some kind of separation between the heaven/earth copulation must exist so that humans have somewhere to live.) Kronos – one of the Titans, son of Gaia and Ouranos. Cuts off Ouranos' sexual organs while inside Gaia's womb. Mates with sister Rhea and produces Hesia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. Kronos' parents told him that he'd fall from his throne at the hand of one of his kids, so he swallows them as they're born. Rhea is pissed that Kronos is eating her babies, so her parents tell her to go to Crete to give birth to Zeus. Rhea does, and she leaves Zeus there to grow up. She gives Kronos a rock wrapped in blankets and he swallows that. When Zeus is an adult, he fights Kronos and forces him to spit up all the babies (including the rock, which is at the shrine of Apollo at Delphi).
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midterm review - FIRST HALF Sigmund Freud psychologist who...

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