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Discussion notes - each other(Cantonese and mandarin are...

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What do linguists do? Do all languages have things in common? Arbitrariness, means of communication. What does it mean to say that linguistics is scientific? It is systematic , (tries to be) empirical (if you see it, you believe it. Everyone can see the same thing). What is the difference between a language and a dialect? “A language is a dialect with an army” A dialect is a dialect of a language. English / / CA Eng Midwestern Eng English isn't concrete. Every person can speak it differently. When a different group of people speak a language in a different way, it's a dialect. Dialects are mutually intelligible. Dialects can understand
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Unformatted text preview: each other (Cantonese and mandarin are different languages b/c they can't understand each other) (Norwegian and Swedish are mutually intelligible but there is strong nationalism and people want their languages to be separate). What does “all languages are created equal” mean? They all convey what humans need to convey. What is linguistic creativity? Lying, talking about things that don't exist, talking about events in the past, talking about people/events that aren't there. What do we do with languages that animals don't? We change and adapt. It is taught/learned. There is progress and language develops....
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