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Anthro Final Exam - Anthro Final Exam 1 Kinship most basic...

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Anthro Final Exam 1. Kinship most basic principle of organizing individuals into social groups, roles, and categories Family – group composed of a woman, her dependent children, and at least 1 adult male joined to that unit by blood or marriage Ex. American typical family includes a couple with children Children are enculturated through the teachings of their parents and Southwest India: several brothers and sisters with sisters children Children are enculturated by the mother and her sisters and brothers. Marriage – socially approved relationship between a socially recognized male and a socially recognized female such that children born to the wife are accepted as the offspring of both the husband and the wife 2. Dependence training : is when children are enculturated to promote compliance with assigned tasks. It discourages self reliance and self interest. Definition of self comes from group identity, Independence training : promotes child’s independence, self reliance, and personal achievement - Children fed on schedule not demand, sleep privately, given responsibility later in life, receives less attention, more tolerance toward aggression, competition is encouraged, exert individual dominance An adult person sense of group membership comes from their sense of self. They identify themselves through what they have achieved personally 3. Ritual – behavior that is stylized, repetitive, stereotyped, performed as a social act, at a set time and place, and has liturgical orders – set up ahead of time A Mcdonalds meal is a ritual because it happens at a certain time of day (lunch, dinner) at a certain place (mcdonalds), eating is a social act Ex of American ritual: The inauguration of the president of the united states is a ritual. It happens every 4 years at noon on Jan 20. It has an oath and a speech to swear the president in to office. It has many characteristic events such as a swearing in, speech, parade, and ball 4. Ethnic group – group distinguished by cultural similarities and differences, share certain beliefs, values, habits, customs, and norms because of their common background The Hmong in America are an ethnic group because of their obviously different
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Anthro Final Exam - Anthro Final Exam 1 Kinship most basic...

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