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Unformatted text preview: 11-07-07 HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY term paper due - final exam week (12-12-07) approximately 3500 words. -current digital photography teacher saw lee miller portrait taken by man ray. used solarization, which is when you expose the engative to light during the development phase, which gives you a reversal of tones in the shadows. usually photographed agaisnt a black background, which on a negative is clear. the black line around the body is called the "maki line". looks like it is drawn on. polaroid takes the negative with a 4x5 camera, and teacher had to figure out how to solarize them. photographed family, friends, students, and complete strangers. did a lot of facial portraits without hands in them, and portraits of hands separate. photographed all age groups from 19 through around 90. also did portraits of a lot of different ethnicities. concentrated a lot on hands because a hand is harder to pose than a face. "you think you're going to run out of ideas, but then you find something a little different." in photographing men and women of color, something about the skin tone when solarized it becomes almost irredescent. decided he wanted to do black women nude studies. 2 photographers who were good friends of him he photographed, one had wrinkled hands the other had a huge moustache. did only one image as a complete negative. starts to get a "hint of nudity" with a woman's hands on her stomach. started photographing exotic dancers, his series of black nudes. his friend with the wrinkled hands pointed him to go to a strip club to find black women who would pose nude for him. didn't have a studio or any nude photography to show any of them. wound up renting a studio out to do his photographs. went back 2-3 weeks later with his other friend with the moustache, and wanted to photograph the strippers and ...
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