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Chapter 22 - Communications Chapter 22 Communication Theory...

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Communications Chapter 22 Communication Theory How We Understand Media’s Processes and Effects Introduction -Self-monitoring vs. parental monitoring -Links between media use and undesirable behavior -Role of media in terms of how it is used -Theory of Mass Communication -Proposition or argument about the role of media in producing meaning and constructing one’s reality -Explanation of the relationship between media and human behavior -Definition of theory: set of reasoned speculations derived from empirical evidence through systematic testing of a phenomenon Theoretical Paradigms -Thomas Kuhn -Science historian -Paradigms -Generally accepted ways of thinking about scientific phenomena -Orientations that nurture and guide particular types of theoretical development and discourage others 1. Passive-audience theories -Emphasize ability to predict effects of media based on analysis of message content 2. Active-audience theories -Focus on how media are used by the audience, rather than specific effects of messages 3. Technological theories -Medium itself rather than specific messages that changes patterns of behavior in society 4. Cultural studies -Process of mass communication must be studied in social, cultural, and political context -Anomaly -Exceptions to the rule -Situations/events that run contrary to the stated theory Questions to Ponder: 1. Which perspective is most like my own? 2. What are the major strengths and weaknesses of each approach? 3.
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Chapter 22 - Communications Chapter 22 Communication Theory...

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