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Organizational ethics 67 chapter 4 corporate social

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Unformatted text preview: f ethical perspectives An increased capacity to think, speak and act in ethical ways Grading System Grading Class Interaction/Participation Class and Group presentation and Syndicate research project Mid-term test Final test Final Total 15% 15% 15% 30% 40% 40 100% Course Outline Course Session Focus 1 Prelude 1 Chapter 1: Understanding Ethics 2&3 Chapter 2: Defining Business Ethics 4&5 Chapter 3: Organizational Ethics 6&7 Chapter 4: Corporate Social Responsibility Mid-term test 8 Chapter 5: Corporate Governance Further reading: Chapter 7: Blowing the Whistle 9 Chapter 8: Ethics and Technology 10 Chapter 9: Ethics and Globalization 11 Chapter 10: Making It Stick: Doing What’s Right in a Competitive Market Syndicate Research Project Syndicate Investigate an ethical dilemma and its antecedents (such as organizational culture, leadership, CG, or trust) in an organization in Vietnam setting. Data can be collated through questionnaire survey, interviews, or observations. Interviews and observations should be recorded (with permission). The research report should comprise such sections as Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Findings, Discussions, Conclusion, and References (2­3 slides for each section). Presentation: mark 5% (individual mark); report: mark 10% (group mark), report length: 1,500 words. Each student will be required to present for equal amount of time 2­3 minutes each. Form of work: Teamwork Submission deadline: 30 November 2012...
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