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combined notes - quiz stuff prior restraint the government...

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10-2-07 quiz stuff prior restraint - the government cannot prevent an utterance if it is already out pentagon papers - case based upon prior restraint public's right to know outweighed the government's national security government can censor: - what is sexually obscene - what is considered inciting - does it advocate lawlessness? really? - does it promote lawlessness? really? - what would endanger national security sunshine laws - give you access to local government happenings libel - published information about private citizens that is false and damaging. TRUTH IS AN ABSOLUTE DEFENSE AGAINST LIBEL Book readings: Chapter 1 - mass media literacy Chapter 10 - News Chapter 15 - Mass Communication Chapter 20 - Mass media law Chapter 21 - ethics and the mass media Important things. .. - A medium is a vehicle for messages - The mass media includes newspapers, magazines, television, the internet, etc. - we are in a state of "demassification" - there are now tons of alternative media options from direct marketing to telemarketing, from grocery store TVs to mass email. forms of communication: - intrapersonal - just me - interperonsal - you and me - group communication - me and the class - mass communication - reaching the largest possible audience. names and events -
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combined notes - quiz stuff prior restraint the government...

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