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more notes - disney biought fox family channel Quiz Tuesday...

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10-30-07 disney biought fox family channel. 11-01-07 Quiz Tuesday on chapters 8 + 14 Advertising advertising - take up more than half of the space in most daily nespapers and consumer magazines. - advertising is the economic glue that holds most media industries together - national advertising, usually focusing on patent medicines, didn't start until 1850s - railroads early developments in advertising - first american advertising agencies: newspaper space brokers: individuals who purchased space in newspapers and sold it to various merchants. the brokers paid up front, and received a discount on their purchase, but sold the space at the going rate - volney palmer opened first ad agency in boston 1941 1880s trademarks and packaging - helped manufacturers seize control of pricing (before it was set by the retailer) - early brand names - smith brothers, quaker oats, campbell soup, levi strauss overalls, ivory soap, eastman kodak - product differentiation associated with brand-name packaged goods represents the single biggest triumph in advertising. - but NOW high cost of advertising can inflate the cost of the product (designer jeans an example of this) 1880s continued - PATENT MEDICINES - dominated advertising copy, accounting for 1/2 of revenues taken by agencies. (1/6 of print ads from drug companies and patent meds).
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more notes - disney biought fox family channel Quiz Tuesday...

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