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1 if we look at the domain of x 4 q before we

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Unformatted text preview: ow close the data is to being on the same line. The closer |r| is to 1, the better the linear fit. Since r ≈ 0.327, this tells us that the line of best fit doesn’t fit all that well - in other words, our data points aren’t close to being linear. The value r2 is called the coefficient of determination and is also a measure of the goodness of fit.3 Plotting the data with its regression line results in the picture below. Our first example looks at energy consumption in the US over the past 50 years.4 Year Energy Usage, in Quads5 1950 34.6 1960 45.1 1970 67.8 1980 78.3 1990 84.6 2000 98.9 Example 2.5.1. Using the energy consumption data given above, 1. Plot the data using a graphing calculator. 3 We refer the interested reader to a course in Statistics to explore the significance of r and r2 . See this Department of Energy activity 5 The unit 1 Quad is 1 Quadrillion = 1015 BTUs, which is enough heat to raise Lake Erie roughly 1◦ F 4 172 Linear and Quadratic Functions 2. Find the least squares regres...
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