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Unformatted text preview: e branches of the hyperbola approach for large x and y values. They serve as guides to the graph. In pictures, 434 Hooked on Conics Transverse Axis F1 V1 C V2 F2 A hyperbola with center C ; foci F1 , F2 ; and vertices V1 , V2 and asymptotes (dashed) V1 Conjugate Axis Before we derive the standard equation of the hyperbola, we need to discuss one further parameter, the conjugate axis of the hyperbola. The conjugate axis of a hyperbola is the line segment through the center which is perpendicular to the transverse axis and has the same length as the line segment through a vertex which connects the asymptotes. In pictures we have C V2 Note that in the diagram, we can construct a rectangle using line segments with lengths equal to the lengths of the transverse and conjugate axes whose center is the center of the hyperbola and whose diagonals are contained in the asymptotes. This guide rectangle, which is very similar to the one we created in the Section 7.4 to help us graph ellipses, will aid us in graphing...
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