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Unformatted text preview: lopes per minute. Find a linear function E that represents the total number of envelopes Carl can stuff after t hours, assuming he doesn’t take any breaks. 7. Find all of the points on the line y = 2x + 1 which are 4 units from the point (−1, 3). 8. Economic forces beyond anyone’s control have changed the cost function for PortaBoys to C (x) = 105x + 175. Rework Example 2.1.5 with this new cost function. 9. In response to the economic forces in the exercise above, the local retailer sets the selling price of a PortaBoy at $250. Remarkably, 30 units were sold each week. When the systems went on sale for $220, 40 units per week were sold. Rework Examples 2.1.6 and 2.1.7 with this new data. What difficulties do you encounter? 10. Legend has it that a bull Sasquatch in rut will howl approximately 9 times per hour when it is 40◦ F outside and only 5 times per hour if it’s 70◦ F . Assuming that the number of howls per hour, N , can be represented by a linear function of temperature Fahrenheit, ...
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