19 like the proof of theorem 1118 ultimately boils

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Unformatted text preview: ) which lies on the x-axis (d) The region which lies inside of the circle r = 3 cos(θ) but outside of the circle r = sin(θ) 5. With the help of your classmates, research cardioid microphones. 6. Back in Exercise 2 in Section 1.3, we gave you this link to a fascinating list of curves. Some of these curves have polar representations which we invite you and your classmates to research. 11.5 Graphs of Polar Equations 817 7. While the authors truly believe that graphing polar curves by hand is fundamental to your understanding of the polar coordinate system, we would be derelict in our duties if we totally ignored the graphing calculator. Indeed, there are some important polar curves which are simply too difficult to graph by hand and that makes the calculator an important tool for your further studies in Mathematics, Science and Engineering. In this exercise, we give a brief demonstration of how to use the graphing calculator to plot polar curves. The first thing you must do is switch the MODE of your calculator to POL, w...
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