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Unformatted text preview: ng that Sasquatch are largely nocturnal, what days of the year according to your models are going to allow for at least 14 hours of darkness for field research on the elusive creatures? 8. An electric circuit is built with a variable resistor installed. For each of the following resistance values (measured in kilo-ohms, k Ω), the corresponding power to the load (measured in milliwatts, mW ) is given in the table below. 18 Resistance: (k Ω) Power: (mW ) 1.012 1.063 2.199 1.496 3.275 1.610 4.676 1.613 6.805 1.505 9.975 1.314 (a) Make a scatter diagram of the data using the Resistance as the independent variable and Power as the dependent variable. 18 The authors wish to thank Don Anthan and Ken White of Lakeland Community College for devising this problem and generating the accompanying data set. 192 Polynomial Functions (b) Use your calculator to find quadratic (2nd degree), cubic (3rd degree) and quartic (4th degree) regression models for the data and judge the reasonableness of each. (c) For each of t...
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