2 2 4 since x y is on the hyperbola x2 y 2 4

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Unformatted text preview: ations so that x or y can be the free variable. 3. At The Old Home Fill’er Up and Keep on a-Truckin’ Cafe, Mavis mixes two different types of coffee beans to produce a house blend. The first type costs $3 per pound and the second costs $8 per pound. How much of each type does Mavis use to make 50 pounds of a blend which costs $6 per pound? 8.1 Systems of Linear Equations: Gaussian Elimination 463 4. Skippy has a total of $10,000 to split between two investments. One account offers 3% simple interest, and the other account offers 8% simple interest. For tax reasons, he can only earn $500 in interest the entire year. How much money should Skippy invest in each account to earn $500 in interest for the year? 5. A 10% salt solution is to be mixed with pure water to produce 75 gallons of a 3% salt solution. How much of each are needed? 6. At The Crispy Critter’s Head Shop and Patchouli Emporium along with their dried up weeds, sunflower seeds and astrological postcards they sell an herbal tea blend. By weight, Type I herbal tea is 30% peppermint, 40% rose hips and 30% chamomile, Type II has percents 40%, 20% and 40%, respecti...
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