2 we let p n be the formula z n z n the base case p

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Unformatted text preview: a 3 mile race at the same time. If Mike ran the race at 6 miles per hour and finishes the race 10 minutes before Carl, how fast does Carl run? 4. On a certain day, Donnie observes the wind is blowing at 6 miles per hour. A unladen swallow nesting near Donnie’s house flies three quarters of a mile down the road (in the direction of the wind), turns around, and returns exactly 4 minutes later. What is the airspeed of the unladen swallow? (Here, ‘airspeed’ is the speed the swallow can fly in still air.) 5. In order remove water from a flooded basement, two pumps, each rated at 40 gallons per minute, are used. After half an hour, the one pump burns out, and the second pump finishes removing the water half an hour later. How many gallons of water were removed from the basement? 6. A faucet can fill a sink in 5 minutes while a drain will empty the same sink in 8 minutes. If the faucet is turned on and the drain is left open, how long will it take to fill the sink? 7. Working together, Daniel and Donnie can clean the l...
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