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Unformatted text preview: an angle with measure 450◦ we start with an initial side, rotate counter-clockwise one complete revolution (to take care of the ‘first’ 360◦ ) then continue with an additional 90◦ counter-clockwise rotation, as seen below. 450◦ To further connect angles with the Algebra which has come before, we shall often overlay an angle diagram on the coordinate plane. An angle is said to be in standard position if its vertex is the origin and its initial side coincides with the positive x-axis. Angles in standard position are classified according to where their terminal side lies. For instance, an angle in standard position whose terminal side lies in Quadrant I is called a ‘Quadrant I angle’. If the terminal side of an angle lies on one of the coordinate axes, it is called a quadrantal angle. Two angles in standard position are called coterminal if they share the same terminal side.10 In the figure below, α = 120◦ and β = −240◦ are two coterminal Quadrant II angles drawn in standard position. Note that α = β + 360◦ ,...
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