3 the rst inequality 2 x 1 can be re written as x 1

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Unformatted text preview: ain of this function? (b) Discuss with your classmates what each of v0 > 0, v0 = 0 and v0 < 0 would mean. (c) Come up with a scenario in which s0 < 0. (d) Let’s say a slingshot is used to shoot a marble straight up from the ground (s0 = 0) with an initial velocity of 15 meters per second. What is the marble’s maximum height above the ground? At what time will it hit the ground? (e) Now shoot the marble from the top of a tower which is 25 meters tall. When does it hit the ground? (f) What would the height function be if instead of shooting the marble up off of the tower, you were to shoot it straight DOWN from the top of the tower? 6. The International Silver Strings Submarine Band holds a bake sale each year to fund their trip to the National Sasquatch Convention. It has been determined that the cost in dollars of baking x cookies is C (x) = 0.1x + 25 and that the demand function for their cookies is p = 10 − .01x. How many cookies should they bake in order to maximize their profit?...
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