38 inches the y coordinate is the maximum volume

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Unformatted text preview: 51 1347 1631 1966 2310 2670 3030 3371 Find the least squares line for this data. Is it a good fit? What does the slope of the line represent? Do you and your classmates believe this model would have held for ten years had I not crashed the car on the Turnpike a few years ago? (I’m keeping a fuel log for my 2006 Scion xA for future College Algebra books so I hope not to crash it, too.) 3. On New Year’s Day, I (Jeff, again) started weighing myself every morning in order to have an interesting data set for this section of the book. (Discuss with your classmates if that makes me a nerd or a geek. Also, the professionals in the field of weight management strongly discourage weighing yourself every day. When you focus on the number and not your overall health, you tend to lose sight of your objectives. I was making a noble sacrifice for science, but you should not try this at home.) The whole chart would be too big to put into the book neatly, so I’ve decided to give only a small portion of the data to you. T...
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