4 103 the six circular functions and fundamental

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Unformatted text preview: e. Example 10.1.5. Assuming that the surface of the Earth is a sphere, any point on the Earth can be thought of as an object traveling on a circle which completes one revolution in (approximately) 24 hours. The path traced out by the point during this 24 hour period is the Latitude of that point. Lakeland Community College is at 41.628◦ north latitude, and it can be shown19 that the radius of the earth at this Latitude is approximately 2960 miles. Find the linear velocity, in miles per hour, of Lakeland Community College as the world turns. 16 See Definition 2.3 in Section 2.1 for a review of this concept. You guessed it, using Calculus . . . 18 See the discussion on Page 121 for more details on the idea of an ‘instantaneous’ rate of change. 19 We will discuss how we arrived at this approximation in the next section. 17 10.1 Angles and their Measure 607 Solution. To use the formula v = rω , we first need to compute the angular velocity ω . The earth π π makes one revolution in 24 hours, and one re...
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