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Unformatted text preview: the graph of y = |x| as we have done before to indicate the points on the graph itself are not in the relation, we get the shaded region below on the left. 2. For a point to be in S , its y -coordinate must be less than or equal to the y -coordinate on the parabola y = 2 − x2 . This is the set of all points below or on the parabola y = 2 − x2 . y y 2 1 −2 2 1 −1 1 −1 The graph of R 2x −2 −1 1 2x −1 The graph of S 5 Note the y -coordinates of the points here aren’t registered as 0. They are expressed in Scientific Notation. For instance, 1E − 11 corresponds to 0.00000000001, which is pretty close in the calculator’s eyes6 to 0. 6 but not a Mathematician’s 7 Notice that P (241) < 0 and P (242) > 0 so we need to round up to 242 in order to make a profit. 166 Linear and Quadratic Functions 3. Finally, the relation T takes the points whose y -coordinates satisfy both the conditions in R and S . So we shade the region between y = |x| and y = 2 − x2 , keeping those points on the parabola, but not the points on y = |x|. To get an acc...
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