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4x1 x2 4 2 0 x2 3x3 1 b 0 0 10x1 x3

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Unformatted text preview: A and E3 A. What effect did each of the Ei matrices have on the rows of A? Create E4 so that its effect on A is to multiply the bottom row by −6. How would you extend this idea to matrices with more than two rows? 3. In the small village of Pedimaxus in the country of Sasquatchia, all 150 residents get one of the two local newspapers. Market research has shown that in any given week, 90% of those who subscribe to the Pedimaxus Tribune want to keep getting it, but 10% want to switch to the Sasquatchia Picayune. Of those who receive the Picayune, 80% want to continue with it and 20% want switch to the Tribune. We can express this situation using matrices. Specifically, let X be the ‘state matrix’ given by T X= P where T is the number of people who get the Tribune and P is the number of people who get the Picayune in a given week. Let Q be the ‘transition matrix’ given by Q= 0.90 0.20 0.10 0.80 such that QX will be the state matrix for the next week. 490 Systems of Equations and Matrices (a) L...
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