5 hyperbolas 443 be of use in approximating these

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Unformatted text preview: boloid of revolution as depicted below. 7.3 Parabolas 413 Every cross section through the vertex of the paraboloid is a parabola with the same focus. To see why this is important, imagine the dashed lines below as electromagnetic waves heading towards a parabolic dish. It turns out that the waves reflect off the parabola and concentrate at the focus which then becomes the optimal place for the receiver. If, on the other hand, we imagine the dashed lines as emanating from the focus, we see that the waves are reflected off the parabola in a coherent fashion as in the case in a flashlight. Here, the bulb is placed at the focus and the light rays are reflected off a parabolic mirror to give directional light. F Example 7.3.5. A satellite dish is to be constructed in the shape of a paraboloid of revolution. If the receiver placed at the focus is located 2 ft above the vertex of the dish, and the dish is to be 12 feet wide, how deep will the dish be? Solution. One way to approach this problem...
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