55 graph one cycle of the following functions find

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Unformatted text preview: r classmates, research the term umbra versa and see what it has to do with the shadow in this problem. 7. The broadcast tower for radio station WSAZ (Home of “Algebra in the Morning with Carl and Jeff”) has two enormous flashing red lights on it: one at the very top and one a few feet below the top. From a point 5000 feet away from the base of the tower on level ground the angle of elevation to the top light is 7.970◦ and to the second light is 7.125◦ . Find the distance between the lights to the nearest foot. 8. On page 644 we defined the angle of inclination (also known as the angle of elevation) and in this exercise we introduce a related angle - the angle of depression. The angle of depression of an object refers to the angle whose initial side is a horizontal line above the object and whose terminal side is the line-of-sight to the object below the horizontal. This is represented schematically below. horizontal θ observer object The angle of depression from the horizontal to the object is θ (a) Show that if the horizontal is above and parallel to level ground then the angle of depression (from observer to object) and the angle...
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