6 thus the cartesian plane cannot possibly be the end

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Unformatted text preview: M and the distance between M and Q(x2 , y2 ) are both half of the distance between P and Q. 11. Show that the points A, B and C below are the vertices of a right triangle. (a) A(−3, 2), B (−6, 4), and C (1, 8) (b) A(−3, 1), B (4, 0) and C (0, −3) 12. Find a point D(x, y ) such that the points A(−3, 1), B (4, 0), C (0, −3) and D are the corners of a square. Justify your answer. 13. The world is not flat.6 Thus the Cartesian Plane cannot possibly be the end of the story. Discuss with your classmates how you would extend Cartesian Coordinates to represent the three dimensional world. What would the Distance and Midpoint formulas look like, assuming those concepts make sense at all? 6 There are those who disagree with this statement. Look them up on the Internet some time when you’re bored. 12 Relations and Functions 1.1.3 Answers √ 1. The required points A(−3, −7), B (1.3, −2), C (π, 10), D(0, 8), E (−5.5, 0), F (−8, 4), G(9.2, −7.8), and H (7, 5) are plotted in the Cartesian Coordinate Plane b...
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