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61 number 2 allowed us to graph the equation by hand

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Unformatted text preview: ou have no angle-side opposite pairs so you cannot use the Law of Sines. 776 Applications of Trigonometry We note that, depending on how many decimal places are carried through successive calculations, and depending on which approach is used to solve the problem, the approximate answers you obtain may differ slightly from those the authors obtain in the Examples and the Exercises. A great example of this is number 2 in Example 11.3.1, where the approximate values we record for the measures of the angles sum to 180.01◦ , which is geometrically impossible. Next, we have an application of the Law of Cosines. Example 11.3.2. A researcher wishes to determine the width of a vernal pond below. From a point P , he finds the distance to the eastern-most point of the pond to be 950 feet, while the distance to the western-most point of the pond from P is 1000 feet. If the angle between the two lines of sight is 60◦ , find the width of the pond. 1000 feet 60◦ 950 feet P Solution. We are given the lengths of two sides and the measure of an included angle, so we may apply the Law of...
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