7 with the help of your classmates explain why a

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Unformatted text preview: sed to transform f (x) = x3 into F (x) = − 1 (2x − 7)3 + 1? 2 What is the proper order of composition? 8. Write the following as a composition of two or more non-identity functions. (a) h(x) = (b) r(x) = √ (c) F (x) = x2 − 1 2x − 1 2 5x + 1 9. Write the function F (x) = (d) R(x) = 3 2x3 + 1 x3 − 1 x3 + 6 as a composition of three or more non-identity functions. x3 − 9 10. The volume V of a cube is a function of its side length x. Let’s assume that x = t + 1 is also a function of time t, where x is measured in inches and t is measured in minutes. Find a formula for V as a function of t. 11. Suppose a local vendor charges $2 per hot dog and that the number of hot dogs sold per hour x is given by x(t) = −4t2 + 20t + 92, where t is the number of hours since 10 AM, 0 ≤ t ≤ 4. (a) Find an expression for the revenue per hour R as a function of x. (b) Find and simplify (R ◦ x) (t). What does this represent? (c) What is the revenue per hour at noon? 12. Discuss with your classma...
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