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76 relations and functions to two decimal places f

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Unformatted text preview: some functions that seem to defy common sense. In all cases, though, we shall adhere to the algebraic definitions above as we explore the wonderful diversity of graphs that functions provide to us. Here is the ‘tame’ example which was promised earlier. It summarizes all of the concepts presented in this section as well as some from previous sections so you should spend some time thinking deeply about it before proceeding to the exercises. 7 Also called ‘relative maximum’. We will make this more precise in a moment. 9 Also called a ‘relative minimum’. 10 ‘Maxima’ is the plural of ‘maximum’ and ‘mimima’ is the plural of ‘minimum’. ‘Extrema’ is the plural of ‘extremum’ which combines maximum and minimum. 11 Sometimes called the ‘absolute’ or ‘global’ maximum. 12 Again, ‘absolute’ or ‘global’ minimum can be used. 8 1.7 Graphs of Functions 73 Example 1.7.4. Given the graph of y = f (x) below, answer all of the following questions. y 4 (0, 3...
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