8 below is a list of the basic pythagorean conjugates

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Unformatted text preview: t P to the point Q in an amount of time t. Q s θ r P Here s represents a displacement so that s > 0 means the object is traveling in a counter-clockwise direction and s < 0 indicates movement in a clockwise direction. Note that with this convention 606 Foundations of Trigonometry s the formula we used to define radian measure, namely θ = r , still holds since a negative value of s incurred from a clockwise displacement matches the negative we assign to θ for a clockwise rotation. In Physics, the average velocity of the object, denoted v and read as ‘v -bar’, is defined as the average rate of change of the position of the object with respect to time.16 As a result, we have v = displacement = s . The quantity v has units of length and conveys two ideas: the direction in time t time which the object is moving and how fast the position of the object is changing. The contribution of direction in the quantity v is either to make it positive (in the case of counter-clockwise motion...
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