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Unformatted text preview: Example 8.2.3 to fit a quadratic function to these data with the temperature, T , measured in degrees Fahrenheit, as the dependent variable, and the number of hours after 9 PM, t, measured in hours, as the independent variable. What was the coldest temperature of the night? When did it occur? 7. Use the technique in Example 8.2.3 to find the line between the points (−3, 4) and (6, 1). How does your answer compare to the slope-intercept form of the line in Equation 2.3? 8. With the help of your classmates, find at least two different row echelon forms for the matrix 1 23 4 12 8 8.2 Systems of Linear Equations: Augmented Matrices 8.2.2 475 Answers 1. (a) Reduced row echelon form (b) Neither (c) Row echelon form only (d) Reduced row echelon form (e) Reduced row echelon form (f) Row echelon form only 2. (a) (−2, 7) (b) (−3, 20, 19) (e) (8s − t + 7, −4s + 3t + 2, s, t) for all real numbers s and t (c) (−3t + 4, −6t − 6, 2, t) for all real numbers t (f) (−9t − 3, 4t + 20, t) for all real numb...
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