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As a contribution back to the open source community

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Unformatted text preview: s can do so as long as it remains free. The only disadvantage to not working for a publisher is that we don’t have a paid editorial staff. What we have instead, beyond ourselves, is friends, colleagues and unknown people in the opensource community who alert us to errors they find as they read the textbook. What we gain in not having to report to a publisher so dramatically outweighs the lack of the paid staff that we have turned down every offer to publish our book. (As of the writing of this Preface, we’ve had three offers.) By maintaining this book by ourselves, Carl and I retain all creative control and keep the book our own. We control the organization, depth and rigor of the content which means we can resist the pressure to diminish the rigor and homogenize the content so as to appeal to a mass market. A casual glance through the Table of Contents of most of the major publishers’ College Algebra books reveals nearly isomorphic content in both order and depth. Our Table of Contents shows a different approach, one that might be labeled...
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