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Unformatted text preview: nd the number of howls per hour he’ll make when it’s only 20◦ F outside. What is the applied domain of this function? Why? 124 Linear and Quadratic Functions 11. (Parallel Lines) Recall from Intermediate Algebra that parallel lines have the same slope. (Please note that two vertical lines are also parallel to one another even though they have an undefined slope.) In the exercises below, you are given a line and a point which is not on that line. Find the line parallel to the given line which passes through the given point. (a) y = 3x + 2, P (0, 0) (b) y = −6x + 5, P (3, 2) 12. (Perpendicular Lines) Recall from Intermediate Algebra that two non-vertical lines are perpendicular if and only if they have negative reciprocal slopes. That is to say, if one line has slope m1 and the other has slope m2 then m1 · m2 = −1. (You will be guided through a proof of this result in the next exercise.) Please note that a horizontal line is perpendicular to a vertical line and vice versa, so we assume m1 = 0 and m2 = 0. In the exercises below, you are given a...
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