Associative property of matrix multiplication ab c abc

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Unformatted text preview: stock solutions of 30% and 90% acid as well as all of the distilled water he wants. Set-up and solve a system of linear equations which determines all of the possible combinations of the stock solutions and water which would produce the required solution. Solution. We are after three unknowns, the amount (in mL) of the 30% stock solution (which we’ll call x), the amount (in mL) of the 90% stock solution (which we’ll call y ) and the amount (in mL) of water (which we’ll call w). We now need to determine some relationships between these variables. Our goal is to produce 500 milliliters of a 40% acid solution. This product has two defining characteristics. First, it must be 500 mL; second, it must be 40% acid. We take each 13 Here, any choice of s and t will determine a solution which is a point in 4-dimensional space. Yeah, we have trouble visualizing that, too. 8.1 Systems of Linear Equations: Gaussian Elimination 461 of these qualities in turn. First, the total volume of 500 mL must be the sum of t...
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