Compare the two ellipses below certainly one ellipse

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Unformatted text preview: 0, 1) means that there were 1 million active users in December 2004 and the last entry (62, 200) means that there were 200 million active users in April 2009. Month x Active Users in Millions U (x) 10 22 34 38 44 54 59 60 62 1 5.5 12 20 50 100 150 175 200 With the help of your classmates, find a model for this data. 16. Each Monday during the registration period before the Fall Semester at LCCC, the Enrollment Planning Council gets a report prepared by the data analysts in Institutional Effectiveness and Planning.23 While the ongoing enrollment data is analyzed in many different ways, we shall focus only on the overall headcount. Below is a chart of the enrollment data for Fall Semester 2008. It starts 21 weeks before “Opening Day” and ends on “Day 15” of the semester, but we have relabeled the top row to be x = 1 through x = 24 so that the math is easier. (Thus, x = 22 is Opening Day.) 23 The authors thank Dr. Wendy Marley and her staff for this data and Dr. Marcia Ballinger for the p...
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